0+2=1 lab

preliminaries of secret garden project 2016:

prepairing the secret garden project: Perceval Graells & Hans Some, Spain,2016

Perceval Graells & I in the studio

colliding two worlds or «artistic contamination»(reciprocally)?

"Escoltant els arbres" by Perceval Graells & "sphid deviant" by Hans Some, secret garden project 2016, Spain

merging artworks: «Escoltant els arbres & sphid deviant»

Perceval Graells & Hans Some at the 0+2=1lab, 2016, Spain

..and meeting artists, everything seems to be ok !?!

"glia 1 & pintant el cell" Hans Some & Perceval Graells, 2016, Spain

«glia 1 & pintant el cell» while the shooting with the photographer Jota Morote

prepairing "secret garden project", Hans Some & Perceval Graells, 2016, Spain

«feneon & musica i ones»


¿¿¿happy hogueras 2014 – strange sensation!!! when I first saw the Hogueras de San Juan in Alicante & the pseudo machines of Carros Del Foc spectacle I had the strange sensation of Déjà-vu, thinking in a «cheap & oversized world of spectacle» somewhat la fura dels baus… but there is a much more deeper reminiscence:  survival research laboratories show 1985 at Area NYC what a weird & awesome stuff !!!

"spid deviant"en el 0+2=1 lab,by Hans Some,2014,spain

preparando «sphid deviant» – los sphid series en exposicón – en el 0+2=1 lab


"agua amarga I"-glitch-ALC, by Dandy Tcheglov & Hans Some,Spain

«agua amarga 1», glitched photography with a corrupted Lumix  in 2009 –

the first publication from the costablanca corruption project by Dandy Tcheglov & Hans Some

nuevo showroom, 0+2=1 lab

pretty soon – the new showroom almost finished….

atelier 0+2=1 by hxs

enero 2013:  el «showroom» transformado en nuestra nueva base para el recien constituido collectivo 0+2=1

"0+2=1 lab" showroom spain

Gonzalo – ultimando estrategias para nuestra proxima expo en «EL PORTAL» en el centro de Alicante

– INAUGURACIÓN 20/3/2013    20h –

David vs phague, by hxs 2013

David vs phague